Both for students with a technical and with a clinical background, Neu3CA has interesting options when it comes to courses and interships.

At TU/e, neurology is one of the 4 pillars of the Care & Cure (C&C) mastertrack at the department of Electrical Engineering. By choosing elective courses and a graduation track within one of the pillars, you can obtain a Care & Cure certificate with a sub-certificate in Neurology, in addition to the Electrical Engineering MSc diploma. These courses are also open to and interesting for students from different TU/e departments, such as Biomedical Engineering, Applied Physics, Mathematics & Computer Science and Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences. Check the master education guide on the Electrical Engineering website (intranet) for more details and the short-list of recommended courses.

At Ghent University (U Gent), the departments of Biomedical Sciences (major neuroscience), Medicine (honours program) and Biomedical Engineering are the most suitable entries for Neu3CA. Also, the Laboratory for Clinical and Experimental Neurophysiology (LCEN3) is an important partner of and introduction to our research challenges.

Within the Neu3ca brain research program, there are also ample opportunities for students to perform internships, or to do their BSc or MSc projects. These projects typically are in cooperation with one or several of our (external) partners. The projects are in the neuroscience/neuroengineering domain, typically are related to signal or image processing, and are focused on clinical application.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve got questions concerning Neu3CA education!